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Eleven friends, aged between 6 and 12, watched the South Asian disaster on television as we waited to enter 2005. When we saw that the survivors of the earthquake were in a difficult situation due to hunger and epidemics, we decided to help our peers, the earthquake survivors.

With the support of our families, we wrote a letter to UNICEF. Finding the idea of ​​helping from child to child very meaningful. With the support of UNICEF Turkey National Committee President Prof. Dr. Talat Sait Halman, we set off by establishing the "UNICEF Volunteer Children's Club". After our 7 years of work under the umbrella of UNICEF, we established the "Children's Rights Culture and Art Association" on December 9, 2012, when we stepped into adulthood.


Prof. Dr. Erol Nezih ORHON

Mustafa GÜNEY

Dr. Rasime Ayhan YILMAZ

Prof. Dr. Suna TANELİ




Board members:

Prof. Dr. Erol Nezih ORHON

Mustafa GÜNEY






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2005 : From Chıldren to Chıldren:

With the support of Nilüfer Mayor Mustafa Bozbey, we staged the theater play "Water Drop and Child" at Konak Cultural Center. We delivered proceeds from the event to UNICEF Turkey National Committee President Prof. Talat Halman, to be sent to earthquake victims.

2006: Hand ın Hand for Chıldren on the Street:

Each of us had set up UNICEF stands in shopping malls, schools and resorts throughout the year to meet the annual housing, health and education needs of sixteen street children.

2007: 500 Chıldren Hand ın Hand for Peace School:

Based on a dream, we decided to build a school for children who could not go to school and were deprived of their right to education.

2008 - Groundbreakıng Ceremony: We Pushed the Button

In a short time, 500 children came together and we brought together the income we obtained and we held the groundbreaking ceremony of our school on the land allocated by the Nilüfer Municipality in Barış Mahallesi.

2009 - We collected recyclıng waste

In order to pay our debt to nature and to raise funds for the “Peace School” project, we collected recycling in the piggy banks of our schools. During the project, we managed to collect 530 tons of waste. 605 children came together and we transferred the income we obtained to the construction of the school for one year. At the same time, we have prevented 4240 trees from being cut down by collecting the recycling we collect from our homes and neighbors.

2010 - Sale of UNICEF Products:

We continued to work for the construction of the school by selling the products sent by the UNICEF Turkish National Committee at the UNICEF stands which we opened in our free times, in schools and shopping malls.

2011 - Sweepstakes

We have prepared gifted lottery cards consisting of UNICEF products. We gave small chocolates as a consolation gift to the owners of the blank numbers.

2012 - Drıppıng becomes a lake!

Individual Projects: We have all produced individual or collective projects in our areas of interest with activities such as painting, dance, recital, musical, cooking, and travel arrangements. We were determined to finish the rough construction of the 1006 children's school.

2013 - “Put a brıck ın the Peace School”

With years of efforts, we were able to complete 40 percent of the school construction. When we had difficulty in completing the project, we found another solution and asked adults to contribute to the project with the slogan "You put a brick in the Peace School". And finally, we succeeded in opening the “Peace Anatolian High School”, which we gave the best example of solidarity, with the contributions of Nilüfer Municipality. In the meantime, we have established our association to continue our volunteer work by moving from childhood to adulthood.

Projects ın the same years:

Bursa Chıldren's Rıghts Chıldren's Committee

We established the Bursa Children's Rights Committee with the recommendation of Professor Talat Halman, Chairman of the UNICEF Turkey National Committee.

Don't kıll Chıldren!

We launched a campaign to ensure that the right to life of children in Gaza is not violated. We handed over the petition we signed with 10,149 children to the authorities.

Peace Grove

We created a "Peace Grove" by planting 160 saplings in memory of the children who died in the war.

Let's Measure Our Clımate Awareness!

With the cooperation of Uludağ University Environmental Engineering Department, we have measured the climate awareness of ten thousand children.

Committee 16

We started making short films called "Committee 16" to teach children their rights.

Chıldren's Rıghts Festival

In 2010, we organized the "Children's Rights Festival" with the participation of 800 children for the first time, due to the "World Children's Day".

Don't Let Other Didems, Other Ezgis Dıe!

In 2011, we launched a campaign to ensure the safety of school-going children. We sent our petition signed by 186,000 children to the T.B.M.M. and we handed it over to the Chair of the Child Rights Monitoring Committee.

XII. Natıonal Chıldren's Forum

We contributed to drawing a roadmap in the field of information and communication technologies for children and youth in Turkey.

Emergency Campaıgn for Chıldren ın the Horn of Africa

We organized aid campaigns for those living in the Horn of Africa, where infant and maternal deaths are most common.

Fılm Camp at Bahçeşehir Unıversıty

We decided to organize a film festival covering children's rights. We attended film training camps organized by Bahçeşehir University Cinema and Television Department.

Hand ın Hand wıth Chıldren for Chıldren

We held hands with 308 children. We supported Unicef to furnish kindergartens with individual projects.

Sıck Chıldren Statement

Within the scope of children's rights, we discussed the problems of sick children. We spent our semester vacation visiting the children in the oncology department of Uludag University.

We Learn and Teach Our Rıghts!

We started a study to explain children's rights to children, starting with kindergarten children, with visuals.


“2007 Year Contrıbutıon to Educatıon” Award

Our project titled "500 Children Hand in Hand for Peace School" was awarded the "2007 Year Contribution to Education" award by the "Contemporary Journalists Association".

Invıtatıon to “Good Practıces ın Educatıon Conference”

At the conference organized by Sabancı University, attended by two thousand educators, we shared our project with adults in the honor section.

Meetıng wıth UNICEF Internatıonal Chıldren's Rıghts Representatıves

As part of the “Child Friendly City” project, we introduced our “Peace School” project to 23 UNICEF representatives who came to our country from various countries.

Copenhagen Clımate Change Chıldren Forum

We were invited as UNICEF Turkey's climate ambassador to the forum held in 2009, attended by 164 children aged 15-17 from 44 countries. In 2010, our project works were shown in the form of a documentary film on UNICEF TV as an exemplary project for the children of the world.

500 Chıldren Hand ın Hand for Peace School

We completed the rough construction of our school together with 1006 children, which we started as 500 children,