General Purposes:

- To ensure that children's rights are known, disseminated and implemented by more adults and children.

- To raise public awareness at the international level regarding the problems of children in Turkey and around the world.

- To reveal the universal aspect of the Convention on the Rights of the Child with a common perspective despite the cultural, social and economic diversity of the countries.

Special Purposes:

- To help every child use their right to participation, which is one of the basic building blocks of the CRC, in order to develop and socialize their potential in line with their talents through culture and arts.

- To support children in fields such as cinema, painting, photography and media, and contribute to the development of new artists in these fields.

- To contribute to bringing the issue of children's rights to the agenda in the provinces where the event will take place and in general in Turkey and in international arenas.

- To contribute to the production and display of artistic-cultural productions on the Rights of the Child.

- To contribute to the formation of collaborations between public institutions, non-governmental organizations, families, educators, filmmakers, universities, academics and children working on children's rights in Turkey and around the world.